Dear students,

You are welcome to register for the internal selection at Vilnius University for ERASMUS+ studies at partner universities. Selection results will be available on International Relations News website no later than 2 weeks after closing online registration.


Registering for the internal selection at Vilnius University requires acceptance of the following conditions:

I confirm that all statements I make in my application are correct and complete;

I am familiar with how my personal data is managed according to Vilnius University Privacy Policy and the Description of the procedure for personal data processing;

I understand and agree that the university may disclose my personal data (name, surname, personal code, citizenship, contact information) to other bodies, such as higher education institutions abroad (HEIs), European Commission, Education Exchanges Support Foundation in order to carry out tasks of public interest and fulfill the requirements of Erasmus programme;

I am aware that Selection Committee can reject my application if it becomes evident that the application contains incorrect information or it doesn’t meet set criteria;

I am aware that I can withdraw my consent to use my personal data at any time but this action will prevent me from further participation in Erasmus programme.

Practical Information

  • Fill in the registration form in CAPITAL LETTERS
  • After successful registration you will get a message to the e-mail indicated on the registration form with a password. It can be used to edit data in the submitted form. Please be patient, receipt of e-mail can take a few minutes.
 I understand, accept and agree to comply with all the terms and conditions of these Rules


The same student may participate in mobility periods totalling up to 12 months maximum per each cycle of study, independently from the number and type of mobility activities* (i.e. he/she may have several mobilities for studies and/or internships).

If you have participated in Erasmus+ for studies and/or internship in the current cycle of study, this mobility period is included into the 12 month period.

* In one-cycle (integrated) study programmes, such as Medicine, Law, students can be mobile for up to 24 months. Minimum duration of a study period is 3 months, or 1 academic semester or a trimester. Maximum duration of one mobility period can be no longer than 12 months.



Click here, if you have already registered and would like to edit your data.


If you have lost or did not receive a password upon registration, please click here to generate new password.

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